Who We Are

A Real Option helps you find answers privately and confidentially about adoption.

An unintended pregnancy is scary – but not impossible. We are here to help you. You are not alone.

Explore Your Options

  • Call us right away and we can help you with a confidential session to find your options and an adoption professional you can trust
  • Adoption is not the same as foster adoption
  • Making an adoption plan is the best way to go. It allows you to breathe!
  • Importantly: You are in charge. You can choose the family and adoption professional you want.

Answer Your Questions

A Real Option assists you in taking out the worry and fear by providing:

  • Short videos to answer your questions from women who have been in your situation
  • Immediate and private help from our trained staff – just call, chat or have us call you
  • A free referral to an adoption professional
  • Ongoing support and information

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Did You Know

  • Your expenses can be covered if choose an adoption
  • You can choose the family that best suits your goals for your child
  • Adoption is different today
    • You can arrange to see your child as much as you’d like, based on your plan
    • It is seen as a HEROIC choice from a selfless and loving mother

Our Mission

As a non-profit 501c3, A Real Option exists to serve you in the best way possible with information and a network of trusted professionals. We do not benefit or profit from serving you.

Our mission is to make Adoption A Real Option by using videos and live, caring and confidential help. Too often only the negative stories of adoption surface. That is not right. Adoption is a wonderful and loving choice both for the expectant parent, her child and for the the family who desires nothing else than to love and care for a child. An unintended pregnancy is NOT the end of the world – it is the beginning of a life and a whole new adventure for all of you. Be not afraid.